Doodlr on the Android Market

Doodlr is my flagship mobile project that lets you create greeting cards and send them via text or email from your Android phone.

Not exactly an original idea admittedly, but browsing the Market, it seems like a popular need.

And, possibly more importantly, I think the apps already in this space are poorly executed. Really, really poor. And the most popular achieve approx ~500,000 downloads.

Here's a video that can explain more ( you may want to turn down the sound! )

Its also available on the Amazon marketplace :

Doodlr will grow - I'll be hoping to make money out of it in the near future.

Stay posted for some updates.


I've now had about 5000 downloads across various markets ( Google, Amazon, are the primary ones ).

Ratings are good, on both Amazon and Google ( 99% 4 or 5 stars ).

Downloads are picking up on Amazon. I do wonder whether free apps are the way to go here - what incentive is there for Amazon to promote your application? At least Google has an interest in the platform. If I release a Pro version for 99p, at least when they give it away for free I'd get a ton of downloads! Now there's a thought.

I'd like to make a Tablet 'Pro' version - as too many features on the mobile version are a big turn off anyway.

So, probably the most common suggestion / comment / criticism is...Where is the quit button?

Now see as an Android developer, the right answer is - there isn't one. This is the way Android applications are designed to work. The system will 'quit' applications when you no longer need them ( thats a basic explanation ).

But when users opinions are so important with reviews - what to do? I COULD add one...Basically I would get better reviews if I add a quit button. But really its the wrong way to do things.